Friday, May 18, 2012

Please Pray

For those of you, my readers, who are members of Holy Worlds Christian Fantasy Forum, this is nothing new. But to those of you who are not members of that site, I am turning to you for help.

The founder of the Forum, Jay Lauser (Sir Emeth Mimetes), has been charged guilty of Child Molestation in the first degree. Before you form any opinions, please go here and read this story. I am of the opinion that whether or not he has been correctly judged, he has changed. The event in question occurred over three years ago, and since theen he has come to know the Lord, founded Holy Worlds, and been an inspiration to all around him, including myself (though I only know of him through his work with the forum).

Please pray that the Lord would use Jay's situation to work for His glory, and that whatever comes about due to his circumstances will be according to the Lord's plan. Also pray for his family, one can only imagine what they are going through.

Sincerely, Joe Anderson
(Novadar Mimetes)

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